Orion Diesel & What Makes Us Different?

We're More than a Name.

We at Orion Diesel believe in 3 key factors that sparked us to create this brand and that will keep us moving forward.

  1. Manufacturing a product here in the United States instead of another country that has sub-par quality standards and materials.
  2. creating a product that is moderately priced instead of gouging consumers & dealers.
  3. Developing products that are at the peak of quality before & after powdercoating inside and out!

What Makes Orion Products Superior?

We start our process with U.S. based materials like our 1018 Steel & our T6061 Aluminum to ensure the highest quality and purity in our products. Then we use our in house mills to shape everything to spec before being put into one of our CNC machines to be shaped. Not only do we have state of the art CNC machines, but we also use multiple passes to ensure the highest quality finishes instead of fewer passes that would leave the surfaces less desireable even under the powdercoating. After the maticulous machining processes, we then powdercoat using high quality wrinkle black powdercoat that will protect the products and give them a unique and sleek look. After the machining and powder are completed, we box everything up in our double walled boxes with all of the necessary high quality hardware (not the cheap stuff!), and an Orion Diesel sticker.

Orion Diesel Team
The Whole Team!